What to wear to a funeral?

Deciding the dress for a funeral is always worth giving a serious thought. It is best to opt for a conservative style. You need not wear a black dress; it is not mandatory. However, wearing a dress that shows respect is a must. It means you must stay away from bright colors, glittery fabrics, and flashy prints.

The thumb rule is to dress as though you are going to attend some serious business meeting. You may choose a funeral dress guided by the climate, your location, and the deceased culture. Our Cherishmemorialsfuneral clients will usually avoid wearing bright colors especially red out of respect to the deceased.

Dos and Don’ts to wear for a funeral


  • Consider the service time -A beach memorial service will be casual than a worship place of service.
  • Dress to blend – During funerals, you should be with other mourners. There is no need for you to look outstanding.
  • Use common sense- Attending a formal funeral means to wear more conservative attire.
  • Respect the culture- There may be particular traditions in some cultures concerning funeral attire. For instance, in some Asian and African cultures, the norm is red and black. When the funeral features a distinct culture, you must confirm with a family member about their preferred attire.
  • Ask for advice- It is appropriate to ask for advice from any family member or the funeral director on what to wear. There may be a preference for the deceased such that, a hearty sense of humor person, in particular, may have specified for their funeral asking everyone to come in green attire.


  • Not a rebel time- A funeral time is a mourning time. So, do not consider looking outstanding.
  • Forgetting the reason for your presence- The entire point of attending a funeral is to show the deceased some respect. Thus, choosing anything respectful is fine.
  • Underdress- You may have fashion choices; it is better that you go overdressed than being underdressed. Keep away from flip flops.
  • Agonize- As you are attending the funeral to honor the deceased, consider dark colors, and add a cover-up. No one will notice your attire, but going unsuitably dressed may agonize the situation at times.

Tips for Women to wear for a funeral

Women can wear a skirt with a suit or dark color pants. A safe choice is a dark color. Wear black only if the culture dictates it. Wear an appropriate length skirt and blouse. Adding a sweater is proper.

Add pumps or flat shoes as the best choice. Wearing open-toed sandals or shoes may be acceptable, as per the climate and venue. Wearing a hat is acceptable, depending on their culture. Jeans are too casual unless it is some special circumstance.

Tips for men to wear for a funeral

A collared shirt and suit, with a tie or sport coat and slacks, are safe choices. There is no restriction to go for black, but wearing muted and dark colors is the best.

Casual shoes are best, but avoid sneakers or athletic shoes. Sandals and Flip flops are a big no. Avoid short-sleeved shirts and jeans. Baseball caps are also appropriate very rarely.

Tips for Teens and Children

Teens and children can wear age-appropriate styles showing respect.