What Does A Funeral Director Do?

funeral director

A funeral director arranges all the funeral parts, including the ceremony, coffin, cremation, or burial. However, if you prefer less traditional, you can arrange the funeral all by yourself.

Who is a funeral director?

A funeral director is a person arranging the funeral service or ceremony details. A funeral director works on the high street in a funeral home or crematorium. He is also known as an undertaker or a mortician.

What is the role of a funeral director?

A funeral director helps to organize a ceremony for your loved ones while taking you through different options. Then they book the venue and liaise with suppliers to bring together everything on that day. It includes:

  • Dressing in an outfit the body as chosen by the family
  • Supplying coffin bearers
  • Planning the ceremony
  • Dealing for the burial or cremation legal documentation

Tips for choosing a funeral director

There are local funeral directors. You can find them by searching online or check around in your local high street. It helps you pull together a shortlist and call for a quote. As you contact them, ask them the cost of the service they offer. Here are a few questions to ask a funeral director before you consider hiring one:

1. What are your service timings?

On hiring a funeral director, firstly invite your family and friends to this service. It is crucial so that you know the service timings.

2. What is the simplest service you offer?

A funeral director will make their service details clear and also inform the available options. However, it is not always. Thus, understand how transparent they are by asking about the simplest service they can offer and the prices.

3. What are the other services you offer?

If the funeral director gives a direct cremation service, they must specify this upfront. However, as it is an inexpensive option, many do not suggest it. You must check and ask to know the clarity of prices and the available options.

4. What is the total cost?

The funeral prices vary vastly. It is crucial to ensure to get the best price from your funeral director. Ask for the breakdown of the cost and the funeral director fees. You may save money by organizing it yourself.

What are the fees of a funeral director?

A funeral director fee is around 50-60% of the funeral total cost. It means it estimates around £2,500 in the UK on average. However, this varies depending on the size and style of the funeral. If you arrange a grand affair, it takes up a lot of time and is more costly.

You can also arrange a cremation by yourself for your loved one, saving a few thousands. Begin by choosing direct cremation. These are the steps to follow:

  • Call the cremation provider directly to arrange collection and to take it to a crematorium.
  • Get the body placed in a simple coffin
  • Carry out a private cremation at the crematorium
  • Place the ashes of your loved one in a temporary urn
  • The ashes will reach you as hand delivery

You can arrange a memorial anytime at a favorite park or a local town hall. It works out cheaper as you arrange it by yourself.