About Us

Cherish Memorials. Since 2003

At Cherish Memorials Singapore, we are committed to help families who have lost a loved one by providing the upmost service from the heart with them in times of grief and lost. 

At the heart of our company are our values, they are professionalism, filial piety, service, respect and love. 

 We Take a Great Amount of Pride in What We Do

Founded in 2003 by Mr Justin Ng and Ms Angie Soh, Cherish Memorials Singapore was formed because Ms Soh was encouraged by the numerous support in the community to provide excellent & professional service in time of grief.

Leading the funeral with dignity and comfort is Mr Justin Ng, a customer service excellence and award winning director, Cherish Memorials Singapore ensures that all farewells are done meaningfully and professionally.

With The Array Of Services And Award Winning Funeral Directors, We Pledge To Provide The Upmost Service From The Heart With You In Time Of Grief.

  “At Cherish Memorials, what makes us special is that we seek to do everything for our clients from the heart all the time, with the greatest level of transparency, sincerity, honesty and respect.” – Justin Ng, Funeral Director 

Providing Love In Hard Times

At Cherish Memorials, we understand the grief of losing a love one. As a result, we will do our best to provide the best support, care and help during the times of grief – giving the families the greatest level of respect, sincerity and transparency.