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At Cherish Memorials, we aim to serve from the heart and provide our clients with a dignified funeral with the highest standard of service. We provide Singapore funeral services & parlour.


Pre-Planning for funeral allows greater cost savings and greater deliverance quality due to better preparation. We have a team of experienced undertakers in Singapore to take care of your needs.


Tailored made funeral arrangements with our Memorial Directors to cater to your every need. We strive to make every funeral a special event that celebrates every life. 

Funeral Ceremony

Funeral ceremony delivered with the highest standard and quality. From rituals to traditions, we got it all covered. 

Burial and Cremation

We will take care of every little detail from burial to cremation, making sure a proper and dignified final send-off.

Grief Support

Regular support will be given post-funeral, from automatic reminders of death anniversaries to grief support, we got it all covered. 

Our Mission

At Cherish Memorials Singapore, we are committed to help families who have lost a loved one by providing the upmost service from the heart with them in times of grief and lost. 

At the heart of our company are our values, they are professionalism, fillial piety, service and love. 

Funeral Services in Singapore

We provide all kinds of funeral services in Singapore across different religions, traditions, and cultures. From Catholic, Christian funeral, Taoist, and Buddhist funeral services. Our funeral packages also include services such as casket committal service and flower arrangements.

Everything will be pre-plan ahead and it will help to give your loved ones a funeral decision that is care-free. This will relieve their burdens and let them enjoy their final moments with the departed. We are confident that these funeral services Singapore will ensure everything will be smooth as planned and managed by our team of experienced funeral directors and undertakers.

About Cherish Memorials Funeral

A Singapore funeral services founded in 2009 which is lead by Justin Ng who is also the former managing director of Holyland Casket. Justin is an award-winning funeral director with Singapore’s Consumers Choice & Service Excellence. He has won numerous clients through his compassion and professionalism.

At Cherish Memorials, we provide direct funeral services and full funeral packages across several religions. We are known to be the best in providing Christian funeral, Catholic, Taoist, and Buddhist funeral services. Our funeral package also includes professional embalming, casket committal service, funeral concierge, repatriation, floral arrangements, catering services, and funeral planning. Contact us today to learn more.

Current Obituaries

Sunny Lee

1/2/1931 – 9/29/14/2018

Tan Chye Cai

8/16/1936 – 9/22/2019

Chong Mak Wee

7/7/1934 – 1/21/2020

Skylar Lam

6/29/1929 – 9/15/2018

Desmond Tay

2/11/1948 – 9/1/2020

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